Data room price comparison: how to choose the best for your needs

Secure data storage is the dream of every entrepreneur – Apple corporations, Microsoft, and tiny startups goal this. The world of the Internet and devices has made it much more challenging to create a secure environment for workflow and management. However, do not forget about such technology as virtual data rooms. They began to appear in the second half of the last century, and interest in them is increasing again.

What do you pay for when you buy a virtual data room?

Looking at the data room price comparison, many are perplexed: how can “cloud storage” cost so much?! The security of your data is infinitely expensive because their leakage is highly undesirable. Thus, you pay for the solution of the following tasks:

  • Creation of a system capable of identifying a user.
  • Assigning a user a personal login and password.
  • Forming an access group gives them the right to access specific folders, files, and mailboxes.
  • Setting up and separating rights in applications, databases, and used information systems.
  • Regular password changes to avoid a situation where a user who quit a year ago can access protected data.
  • Encryption of critical data for their reliable protection. Measures to ensure information security should include analyzing stored data and their structuring. And for serious protection, you need to highlight only a critical piece of information.
  • Threat analysis and drafting of documents regulating who does what in particular situations.

As you can see, VDR performs more complex tasks than conventional storage like Dropbox or GoogleDrive can’t.

Virtual data room cost

As you already understood, the critical data room features are data storage security, numerous customization options, integrations for developers, and vast amounts of storage. But how much can all this cost?

It’s a tricky question, as many virtual data room providers don’t disclose the cost of their services. Instead, they work with large companies that order personalized sets of services. Such cases can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

However, some companies disclose the cost of their virtual data rooms. Below are the rates for some of these services.


The company offers you to subscribe for a year or more or opt for project work. If you want a virtual data room for a specific project, you can buy it for 3-6-9 months. The cost will be respectively $2,500, $4,000, and $5,500. You are given 1 GB of storage for this.

Citrix ShareFile

This company offers three tariff plans suitable for companies of different sizes. Mainly Citrix ShareFile is aimed at small and medium businesses. Buying a virtual data room will cost between $55 and $375 per month.


It is also an option for small businesses. OneHub offers delicious conditions, for example, from 1 TB to infinite storage, from 200 to 1000+ members per room. The cost of this pleasure is from 12.5 to 500 dollars per month.

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