ExpressVPN Activation Code: Where To Get

If you use the Internet every day and take care of your privacy, you have probably heard about a virtual private network. While the VPN market is quite tough with numerous competitors around, ExpressVPN is among the best service providers. It is packed with super useful features, delivering much more than anybody else in the VPN world. However, ExpressVPN comes with an activation code, and many people don’t know where to search for it.

Whether you are a new user, or you are planning to come back to ExpressVPN after some time and have no idea where to receive an activation code, this article is for you. You’ll find out how to get a necessary code in a matter of minutes and what to do if it doesn’t work anymore.

ExpressVPN activation code — where to get?

If you are new to ExpressVNP and just beginning to use it, obtaining your activation code won’t be a problem. The whole process is fast and super easy. Here is a simple step-by-step guide that will help you solve the problem.

  • First of all, you should log in to your account as usual. It is a simple procedure: you will need to type in your email and password.
  • Once you are in, you can easily spot your activation code. It is located right on the main panel, under the list of your gadgets.
  • There is also the copy icon on the right. You may hit it to copy the code.

You are awesome, now you have your code.

When do you need an ExpressVPN code?

If you want to take advantage of ExpressVPN, you will definitely need this code to enjoy the VPN service at maximum capacity. Here is when you need to use it:

  • if you install ExpressVPN to use on your new gadget;
  • when you have logged out of the app;
  • if you removed ExpressVPN from your system and now want to use it again;
  • if your code has expired.

What to do if your ExpressVPN code isn’t valid?

If there is something wrong with your ExpressVPN activation code, you will see a short error message, stating that your code is either out-of-date or incorrect. While it can mean that you type it incorrectly, in most cases, it happens when the code has expired. To avoid typos, don’t type your code manually, just copy it to use when necessary.

To check whether your subscription and code have expired or not, log in and look over your account details. It is the easiest way to control your activities and tell whether your account is still active.

If everything is okay, but you still get the error message, contact ExpressVPN customer care to get assistance.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a decent VPN service, ExpressVPN is a good choice. With this article, you’ll find out where to receive an activation code to add a new device and use this solution whenever you want.

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