Is Defender Security a Fake Antivirus Program?

The short answer to whether Defender Security is a fake is yes. This is a fake antivirus program that was created and spread by cybercriminals. Do to trust or install this software. Now let’s learn more about Defender Security and what the main symptoms of having a fake antivirus are.

What does Defender Security do?

The program tricks the users into believing their PC is infected with viruses, malware, etc. This program has fake scans, fake lists of detected threats, and fake security alerts. As a rule, it gets on the device without the user’s consent. You’ll start seeing messages that a virus or a threat is detected and you must upgrade to remove it. Defender Security also starts sending high-risk spyware threats and blocks the work of software. Eventually, it can lead to more troubles and inconveniences.

What is the goal of Defender Security?

The program tries to convince that the device has viruses and tries to sell the security software solution to eliminate these problems. So, the main goal is to get money from you. Cybercriminals invented it as a money-making scheme and trick people into paying them.

When did Defender Security appear?

This software initially appeared in 2015 as Defender PRO 2015. Later it was AV Defender Professional. None of the versions of Defender Security are real. Neither are other programs offered via this software. It often appears when users look for online security scanners. The pop-up windows lead to malicious websites fast and the device lands with this unwanted dangerous program.

How does it operate?

The cybercriminals sell useless license keys. Buying any software developed by Defender Security means sending money to cybercriminals. Moreover, you are sending your banking information to them. It’s a real threat to your bank account and other personals data. So, don’t buy any of their products.

How to get rid of Defender Security?

To remove the software, you need to use Safe Mode with Networking or try a manual removal. Depending on the version of your Windows, you should be attentive to remove all traces of the program.

Top 5 symptoms of having a fake antivirus program on your PC

  • Suspicious pop-up warnings and messages.
  • Alerts that encourage to upgrade to remove threats and viruses.
  • Your PC’s performance is slowed down a lot.
  • Windows Updates are disabled without your consent.
  • Task Manager is blocked.

You can also notice that you can’t visit the sites of legitimate antivirus software developers or the browsers don’t work at all.

The verdict

The only thing you need to know about Defender Security is that it’s a fake. Do not trust this program and in case you find it on your device, remove immediately. Use only reputable and reliable antivirus programs to secure complete protection from similar situations as well as other scams. A trustworthy powerful antivirus is likely to cost you some money but it’ll prevent you from phishing sites, Trojan, viruses, malware, and other related problems.

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