Windows 12: Fact or Phantasy?

There have been lots of speculations on whether Windows 12 will be released any time soon. Some even claim that this will be the best operating system yet. While millions of people use Windows-running devices, this is a very popular topic. Let’s discuss and find out if Windows 12 is a fact or a fantasy.

Things we know so far

Nowadays, we constantly get more and more developed software. The quality is growing as well. Microsoft is not an exception. Its products also get better, more complex, advanced, and useful. The company is said to have been actively working on the new operating system that will come to change Windows 10. And here’s what we think we know so far:

  • Some data shows that it’ll be called Windows 12 and anyone will be able to download and install it (surely after they buy the license).
  • It’s also known that the new operating system will use Windows Core that allows using tons of possibilities for the devices. For instance, the users can expect to get a set of novelties including smooth updates. It implies that there won’t be any necessity to install updates manually and reset the device every time. The OS will automatically download and install all the needed updates.
  • What’s more, some outdated features are likely to be removed. In addition to the new interface, the users will get a much better experience. Along with this change, the traditional apps will also get more convenient, beautifully designed, and more functional than ever before.

When will Windows 12 be released?

There is no verified information about the release of the new operating system. As soon as the developer is ready to present it, the date will also be available. Some sources state that it will be November 2020. As soon as the wider beta testing begins, there will be more information on the Internet. Windows 11 will be delivered on 29th July 2020.

Possible changes you can expect

The new core is likely to enhance the general stability of the platform. It means that the OS will be focused on the user’s comfort and become the simplest and fastest system yet.

It’s not clear much about the design but the rumors say that it’ll be minimalistic. While the developers create this version of Windows from scratch (instead of using older software as the base), everything will look modern and simple.

Some say that the advanced users will also be able to download extra modules that will expand the functionality and possibilities.

It’s also possible that the new version will be called Windows 11. Regardless of the title, it’s sure to bring lots of new features and changes.


While lots of people are waiting for Windows 12, it’s just a fantasy yet. The company hasn’t released a statement about the official release date. That’s why we can only assume what it’s going to be like and which changes will be introduced.

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